Thursday, April 3, 2008

Learning from my children's study Bible!

Having just posted a comment on studying the "deep" things of God, I had to point out something I learned the other night while reading my son's Bible! I wanted to share this to show that it is possible to learn the deep things of God in some of the most "basic" of formats . . . You don't have to pull out a lexicon and study all the words in the original Greek or Hebrew to learn something new and deep and amazing about God!
We were reading the story of Abraham and Isaac, when God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac (I know, this Bible covers some hefty topics!). This is one of those stories in the Bible that I tend to tread lightly around. I don't completely understand it. Why would God, the one who tells us not to murder, tell Abraham to go sacrifice Isaac, the promised son and the one God's promises would start to be fulfilled through? Obviously He really meant for Abrham to sacrifice Isaac, but He apparently also fully intended to provide a substitute (ok, so can you see this is where I start to get lost? I haven't worked through all this yet, so bear with me!). The cool thing - in the kids Bible, the author tends to end each story with a foreshadowing of the cross (have I mentioned I love this Bible?!). So, at the end of this story, it said: "God wanted His people to live, not die. God wanted to rescue His people, not punish them. But they must trust Him." Basically, what I got out of this was that God wanted Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to show Abraham (and us, by extension) that God does not want us to die in our sins, to be punished for them. He wants us to live, He wants to rescue us. But - we MUST trust Him. Just like Abraham had to do - God didn't want Isaac to die, He didn't want Isaac to be punished. But, in order for Isaac to be rescued in the end, Abraham had to trust God completely. And Abraham didn't know that fact at the beginning! God wants our best, He desires life for us and He longs to rescue us. But - before we know the ending, before we know how a situation will turn out - we must trust Him. All of that from a children's Bible story!!!

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Jenn B said...

i love this bible too. i have learned quite a bit from it, esp. pertaining to really seeing how Jesus is the hero throughout the bible, not just at the end.