Monday, August 11, 2008

New Bible Study site

While reading a friend's blog, I stumbled upon a post about a new Bible study site - it's called Best Bible. As I mentioned to said-friend (!), I wanted to make a shameless plug for this site, and not just because he created it! It's awesome! As the explanation under the title on the homepage puts it (I'm sorry - I know there's a technical name for things like that, and I'm sure I'll be getting an email from my brother, but I don't know what it's called, and if I did, I probably wouldn't remember anyway!) -- "Explaining Bible Translations and Recommending Resources." Now, I love studying the Bible - but I have had to figure out which translation to use and which commentaries to use, and which resources to trust, through trial-and-error! I've stumbled along, and into, a lot of heresy along the way! So, I really appreciate a site (by someone I trust) making recommendations on things such as these. I also love the explanation given under the "Good News" tab -- one of the best presentations of the Gospel I have read. So, if you're looking for a site to help you get started in your quest to study the Bible, check out Best Bible. If you have any recommendations on anything mentioned, too, be sure to make them! [Please note - I was not paid to make these statements! I genuinely like the site! I hope you do too!]


Ryan said...

First, thanks for the kind words.

Second, the explanation under the title is typically called a "tagline."

Third, I can't take credit for all the writing on the site as I had a collaborator. The gospel presentation is a slightly modified version of a letter she sent to her 14 year old sister. I'd link to my collaborators blog, but believe it or not, she doesn't have one... crazy, I know.

Thanks again.

eli said...

Thanks a lot Dana

I'll be sure to take a look as I think this is along the line of the question I had asked and you were kind enough to answer as much as you could.

I'm reall thankful