Sunday, July 6, 2008

South Beach Update

I'm on Day 5, and here's my status on my goals:
To Eliminate the post-baby belly: I've lost several pounds already, and I can tell it's from my waist because my pants fit differently. But, oddly enough, the baby belly is still intact. Hmm. If that doesn't go away, I'm DEFINITELY not going to eat like this for the rest of my life!
To Learn New Recipes: We made a really good Orange Roughy (it's a fish- I didn't know either!) last night with ginger and green onions. I also like the cilantro mayo used for turkey and ham roll-ups (you roll up ham/turkey in lettuce - also very good). I found a recipe on another blog for Pinto Bean Salad with Avocado, Tomatoes, Red Onion, and Cilantro (although we used Garbanzo beans). I loved it, but Dave didn't care for it, so my taste buds may be a little off! I also found I like sauteed cabbage, and I'm remembering omelets are also quite tasty. Oh, and poached eggs are nowhere near as bad as the name sounds! So, there are a few . . .

Here are some of my thoughts on the experience, in no particular order:
- Felt really nauseous the first few days. Not as bad today. Honestly thought I may be pregnant . . . Not sure if this is the way other people feel, but definitely not a "perk" as far as I'm concernd!
- I'm grumpy when I don't get enough food, and I don't ever really feel full eating this way. But that, too, has gotten better as the days have gone by.
- I really, really, really don't like ricotta cheese. There's a "dessert" with ricotta, vanilla extract, and splenda . . . even typing it makes me feel slightly nauseous again!
- I don't realize all the places I tend to "sneak" in a snack here and there, so this is definitely opening my eyes to that (like when I stop by the foodstore for milk - apparently I always get something when I do that because I almost did it without thinking!).

That's all for now . . . my brain is a bit mushy, too, so that's all I can remember! I'll let you know how the next week goes!


Leigh R. said...

Hi Dana, we've probably never had a conversation so I feel like quite the voyeur, but I will come out of the closet and tell you: I read your blog. I saw you at church last week and wanted to say something about how great your hair looked... but it was communion and it didn't seem appropriate. So it was great to check back in with your blog and see all the updates. Their universality forced me to comment. So officially: love the hair, love the 140 calorie South beach snack bars (cinnamon raison)- they satisfy my sweet tooth pretty well, and sympathize with the friend thing....making new friends in your 30's is one of the most awkward pursuits there is- especially when you are not married (like me) because women are not sure what my motivations for talking to them are! True story...more than once.

Dana said...

Hey! So cool - didn't know anyone besides family and a few friends was reading this! Thanks for the encouragement, on all fronts. I can only imagine, about the friend thing - at least kids help "break the ice" and make me seem a little less weird! I'll be sure to say hello at church this week, now that you're reading my deep thoughts (! - kidding on the last part, of course).