Wednesday, July 2, 2008

South Beach Diet

Yes, I have decided to go on a diet. I swore I would never go on a "diet," per say - that I would just eat healthy and exercise, and be happy with myself as I am. But, two babies does a number on your body - both in terms of it's shape, and in what you ingest! So, I have decided to tackle a diet for two reason: (1) to see if I can get rid of my "baby belly"; and (2) to re-train myself on how to eat healthy (and not need a cookie every afternoon!). I picked the South Beach diet because it seemed the least "diet-ish" (I love food and abhore the idea of drinking a shake in place of food for a meal; and I know how obsessed I become with things so counting calories would become a new religion for me!). Also, since one of my goals is to retrain my eating habits, I picked a diet that would introduce me to some new recipes involving something I'm awful at cooking - vegetables! And, I picked it because my mom and dad already did it, they had the book, and they seemed to like it (so, built in support system)! So, enter "THE DIET."
Yesterday, the boys and I spent 2 hours at Wal-Mart (woohoo!) collecting veggies I had never bought in my life, and fish (also something I've never learned how to cook, so I'm excited!). Then, last night, I stayed up until 11:30 cutting up veggies and getting salads and side dishes as prepared as I could (since one of the complaints I've read about this diet is it is time consuming). I'm using the menu recommended in the book because I'm lazy, and because I'm a rule follower and I couldn't figure out how to follow the rules without cooking explicitly what the author said. You should see our fridge - we've never had this many veggies in there in my life!!! But, I'm excited to give this a real shot, so I'm in full-force "rule-following mode"!
It is now afternoon on day #1 and I haven't had any trouble sticking to it (!). I'm a bit hungry right now, but I think it's just because I'm craving my afternoon sweets. One weird thing I've noticed is that things taste better, or at least stronger. Weird, I know. I don't think I'll have much trouble committing to the first 2 weeks - it doesn't sound like much fun, but I know I can do it (I tend to be stubborn that way). The challenging part, I think, will come in figuring out how to change my lifestyle to fit in with what I'm learning. But, we'll "worry" about that day when it comes. For now, day 1 is well underway and I'm excited to cook salmon for the first time tonight!


Jenn B said...

I came close to laughing out loud a number of times reading this. i just have a hilarious visual of you reading, making lists, buying/chopping/storing veggies. heh.... but, fun that you're trying it. of all the "diets that have a name" to go with, i'm thinking this is one i could probably generally agree with....assuming you don't fall for all the pre-packaged 'south beach' foods. ;) though i say that based on knowing nothing about the diet except what i've heard people talk about....lots of veggies, meats...low (or no?) grains (?). & the phases/breaking addictions ect. I think that's a GREAT idea. i'm interested to hear how it goes!

Dana said...

I almost posted a picture - may have to do that tomorrow!